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DIY watercolor sand dollars

24 Jun

On a past trip up the coast, we stopped at this beach that had an abundance of sand dollars. At the time they were rich in color from the algae and I really loved them. I had big plans to display them. But after sitting with my craft supplies for a year, they have lost their color and turned dingy yellow. I wanted to do something different and add the bright color back into them. So I used watercolors.

#DIY watercolor sand dollars by makingmondays


Sand dollars

Watercolors and water


Bleach water solution (optional)

I began by whitening my sand dollars with a simple bleach/water solution (1 TBS per gallon of water). Simply mist with the solution and allow to sit in the sun to dry for an afternoon. If you buy sand dollars from a gift shop or online shop, they will probably already be bright white.

#DIY watercolor sand dollars by makingmondays

They absorb color really well and you can play around to get whatever effect you want. With some I just colored the star in the center which looked nice. But since the color spreads really easily it a little difficult to keep it contained. But that’s ok because as the color spreads it reveals more of the natural texture in the sand dollar. My only real tip for painting is to use water to blend the colors and blend out any rings that may appear. They will a grey tone when wet, but that will go away as they dry.

#DIY watercolor sand dollars by makingmondays

This project is easy, fun, and super kid-friendly. It really doesn’t require much artistic ability, but I liked the way they turned out. I glued magnets to the backs of mine to use on the fridge, but they would look cute in a shadow box display or basket too.

DIY polished rocks

10 Jun

I have a tendency to pick up rocks. But they have never gotten much attention once home, stashed in the corner of my bookshelf and rarely noticed. I have rocks from every road trip I’ve ever taken. I still have the “Indian throwing rock” that our campground host gave us in Missouri a few years ago, just before he offered to drive to town and pick up beers. Anyway, this is a ridiculously easy way to get them ready for display.

#DIY faux polished rocks by makingmondays



Clear nail polish

Wax paper

#DIY faux polished rocks by makingmondays

You got it! Paint one side of the rock with clear nail polish, be generous. Set on wax paper to dry. Paint the other side. Allow to dry. Repeat for 2 or 3 coats, until it has a nice thick shiny coating all over.

If you want to frame them, arrange theĀ  rocks in a grid pattern that looks balanced. Then glue to a piece of mat board cut to size for a shadow box frame.

I mounted the best of my collection as a grid in an 8 x 10 shadow box frame.

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